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Praise For "Hard Times"

Great Stuff Here!

"Love it Bob - real honky tonk country sounds and a good old foot tapping rhythm which gives listeners the desire to dance along with you - the use of the harmonica is an added touch of genius as it breaks the guitar just at the right time. keep on churning out more songs like this one buddy and it will not be hard times for you!"

           - Johnny Ramone, Angel International Management (UK)


Country Blues In A Classic Style 

"No surprises here! It's titled Hard Times and that's what it's about. It's fun and catchy and if you love country this may well be a favorite of yours soon. Lyrics are right in line stylistically with what the genre expects. The musicianship is very good and instrumentation is done right. The track feels as it should. I enjoyed it and look forward to hearing more from this talented artist."

          - David Longoria


Not A Hard Chore

"Bob Randall sings about hard times but it's not a hard chore to listen to this number. It starts out like a thoroughbred horse and doesn't let up until it is finished. The song has a simple message and the lyrics are easy to follow. The vocal is delivered well and the band is very effectively arranged and executed to keep the music alive. This song is solid country and the sound is a mixture of old school and current renditions. Its a complete package for air time, concerts or to any dance floor in the world. I can easily say that this is a presentation that should be received well by most everyone. Give it a spin and I'll bet you will have a hard time staying in your chair from wanting to move to the groove. Nice work Bob and band."

          - Paul Springfield


Good Times

"This of course is a real country artist. Being number 1-10 in the charts here in Boston, MA means I HAVE written a few country tunes in my time...but Bob has a real country singer voice and you can tell he's sung a just a few songs in his time. the song sounds like a classic to me and I'd be proud to cover it in my country show....i love honkey tonk music and this would be a crowd pleaser in a live venue. "

          - Bill Cole and Cornplanter

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