• ​​​​​Singer songwriter & recording artist with over 200 original songs and five albums.
  • Also performs covers of the old school country music greats: Marty Robbins, Jim Reeves, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, David Alan Coe, and Ray Price. 
  • Worked with many national artists from Wheeling, West Virginia & Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Won the Global Music Award & Outstanding Achievement for Doc Holiday produced release of "Gone".  Also won Male Artist Of The Year on Clay's Country Radio, 
  • Nominated for Telly Award & Independent Music Award as well as on the voting ballot for Grammy Award.
  • Sold out shows in central Pennsylvania in 2017.


  • Whiskey and Water”, was recorded at Sony Studios in Nashville and produced by the legendary Doc Holiday.  Released August 2017 on Mega International Records.
  • Latest album, "Cigarettes and Black Coffee",  was released on March 1, 2018. Also produced by Doc Holiday. 

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Published on December 7, 2017

By Steven F. Adams, Music Journalist, Music Reviewer & Owner at SoundWaveOne

Well I must say or in this case what I must write after listening to the new album from Bob "The Real Deal" Randall and his album called "Whiskey And Water" and what a superbly crafted album. With Doc Holiday at the controls and the talented vocals of Bob Randall it's a match made in heaven.

With the first song called "Can't Get You Off My Mind" Bob brings in his velvet vocals and really serves up a number on this one and brings true believability. The next song called "Gone" an original by Bob not to be confused by the country legend Ferlin Husky which Bob really has a real persuasive way of singing & with this song he makes the grade. With the added great vocal accompany that features Miss Becky Hobbs where her vocals are superb and adds to the appeal of the song and has a way of making the song feel good. "Second Chance" continues to really reach the heavens with Bobs vocals that adds superb smoothness and yet bold.

The next song called " I Don't Want To Go' Bob has that continuing sound that is uniquely his and is very memorable and most enjoyable. "If You Got A Good Woman" Bob takes on the sound of the late Hank Williams Sr. with a twist of the smoothness and advice of the guy who is the "Real Deal" and giving advice to you all cause I am a firm believer if you got a good woman well, you better hang on to her with all the got and Bob reinforces this belief in this great song. "Lookin' for Someone" well, I gotta say Bob brings in the definition of tears in the beer, kind of song, however he plainly without hesitation he sings this to you and holds no punches just keeps that rolling at you and lets you know that he's lookin' for someone. "Modern Times" Bob brings in the sound of the band and his guitar strumming keeps the foot stompin to the beat and even got yours truly humming along and has a flare of Caribbean hinting in the back round and the back up singers harmonizing keeps the flow of the song floating along.

With the next song "Whiskey And Water" Bob struts his stuff on this and I usually have a favorite song on album that I review, and this one does it for me, where Bob has an almost Waylon Jennings style and and that is always a good approach to a song. His guitar brings in that twang that I really enjoy since Waylon utilized this sound and I really think this song should be heard on the radio and where it showcases Bob's style as a singer and his ability to convey this with his real lyrics and makes one feel that in all his songs. The next song called "Your Love" Bobs velvety smooth vocals arrive again and with a true to life love song that Bob brings into his beautiful music and the mix of the background singers just add to the flavor and enhance, Bobs rich full flavored, almost baritone voice.

"Your Memory and Me" the horn section comes alive and adds to the already existing superb & polished sound of Bob Randall and makes it's an almost eclectic sound from the past where my mind floated to after hearing this song which in my case that's a good thing, and adding the saxophone to any song just adds a nice element of spice & sexiness and along with Bob's voice just adds that much more to the song.

This is a most enjoyable album and it brought my mind down memory lane with Bobs tremendous sound and it's great to know that there are musicians out there that have that ability on me. I Thank Doc Holiday for the introduction of Bob "The Real Deal" Randall to my music repertoire and my musical pallet it was most enjoyable and I thank Bob for bringing his superb style to my ears and his wonderful friendship. I look forwards eagerly to hearing Bob's song called "Whiskey & Water" on the radio and make it to the top of the charts.